Heart Of Vegas Slot For Free Online

Enter the exciting world of casinos by discovering Aristocrat's Heart of Vegas slot. It offers a flexible betting system that can be made into coins of 5, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1, 2, 5 US dollars. This means that this game is equally good for players with any skills and financial position. Is it advisable to start this game if you are going to put only one or two coins per spin? Of course! You can easily verify this. For example, with one coin of $ 1 as a bet, a player can go home with $ 1,000. If he raises his bet to 2 credits, his winnings will increase to 4000 dollars per spin. Such gambling devices always attract attention. There is an irresistible intention to make at least a couple of small bets.


Firstly, even the design itself is bright, saturated. This is a magnificent traditional design of elite casinos that did not skimp on the mahogany, from which mechanical slots were made and polished. Even the virtual version looks gorgeous, gorgeous and very expensive. Secondly, the most proven payment scheme is immediately visible. As practice shows, people do not trust the new player too much, but they are happy to play those slots in which they understand the principle of payments. That is why even the character set in the traditional form uses the same one (except for the most powerful characters, on the subject of which the game is called). To play heart of vegas online and the rest of the recommended classic slots, even for demo credits is very pleasant.



The total bet per spin is displayed in the Total Bet line and is formed by multiplying two game parameters: the number of active paylines and the line bet. The number of pay lines is selected in the Lines section with switches “-” and “+” in the range from 1 to 5. The bet per line is set in the Bet section with the “-” and “+” buttons. The number of active paylines determines the upper and lower limit of the flat rate:

  • 1 line - 0.1-100 credits;
  • 2 lines - 0.5-50;
  • 3 lines - 0.5-30;
  • 4 or 5 lines - 0.3-20.

This parameter affects the size of the reward for the prize combinations. One click on the Bet Max button automatically sets this value according to the number of active pay lines. The button with the arrow starts one spin with the specified bet parameters. The device has the ability to start the game process with the space bar. Double-clicking the Bet Max button spins the reels with the maximum line rate settings. The auto mode start key - Autoplay - is on the control panel, but it is inactive. Perhaps this feature of the device will be available only in the full version of the game. The Credit and Win balance indicators show the number of credits in the account and the gain for the last spin. In order to open the paytable on the slot, you need to hold down the left mouse button and stretch it from top to bottom. The values ​​in the table automatically change when the line rate changes.


Additional control keys


The device has an additional 4 buttons:

  • Gear - opens the options menu, where you can expand the image to full screen, use the keyboard control and enable fast animation of the movement of pieces on the playing field;
  • Speaker - causes a pop-up window with adjustable sound and music volume levels;
  • “?” - opens the window with the rules of the slot;
  • “I” is an additional payout table. The values ​​in this table are displayed in line rate multipliers. In addition, there is a description of the Multiplier function and the layout of the playing lines.


Symbols and odds in Heart of Vegas online slot


All symbols in this slot are standard and form a prize combination when three identical images fall out on one active playing line. All payouts are shown below when taking into account the maximum bet with 1 active line. The symbols of the apparatus are mainly presented in the form of various fruits. Also, there are bells, sevens and the inscription BAR. The combination of three identical images brings the user the following rewards in credits:

  • cherries - 500;
  • lemon, plum, orange or bell - 4,000;
  • watermelon - 6,000;
  • BAR plates - 20,000;
  • seven - 75 000. This is the most significant symbol of the slot. The combination of three sevens, taking into account the maximum bet per line, brings the user a gain of 15,000 game units.


Multiplier function


The essence of the Multiplier function is to double the win if identical images appear on all 9 cells of the playing field. The function uses only the following symbols: lemon, plum, orange and bell. Winning for combinations of other images is not multiplied.


Risk game


The risk game to double the win is activated by the Gamble button after the prize combination falls on the playing field. To win the round, you must guess the color of the hidden card located in the center of the screen. If the player has made the right choice, the winnings for the last spin doubles, after which the game can be continued. In case of a wrong choice, the prize for the spin is lost. Half of the reward is withdrawn from the risk game by pressing the ½ Take button, and the total reward is withdrawn with the Take button.




Heart of Vegas is a gaming machine with simple graphics and a clear user interface. From the advantages of this slot, you can select a wide range of values ​​of the linear rate, the Multiplier function, as well as the ability to withdraw half of the funds from the risk game. The main advantage of Heart of Vegas is that it was released by the Aristocrat company. This game provider is famous for high-quality gambling software with the latest random number generators. Among the other advantages of Heart of Vegas: amazing graphics, colorful characters, intriguing gameplay and well-chosen musical accompaniment. Having played it only once, you will not soon want to try something new. It is very easy to play Heart of Vegas from Aristocrat, so the device is suitable for novice players. At the bottom of the screen you will find a control panel with which you can customize the machine for you. But, in fact, you only need to make a bet and press the "Start" button.